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How to charge a Tesla Model Y A Full Guide to charging

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model Y and any other car from Tesla can be charged in different ways. In this Guide, we will look into all the details on how to charge your Tesla Model Y and all the other Tesla electric vehicles like the Model 3, and Model S/X.

The performance of your Tesla Model Y may vary based on the battery and version you bought and the weather conditions, therefore this is only a guide but not a 100% guarantee, that everything will work the same for you with your Tesla Model Y, as electric vehicles can have different performance based on the surrounding circumstances.

Tesla Model Y Charging Basics

Credit Tesla: Model Y in blue

Charging your Tesla Model Y is as important as refueling your gasoline car, without it you don't get anyway. The only difference is, that for a Tesla Model Y, you have different options to charge your Model Y. You can choose from home charging. fast chargers or AC charging.

Model Y Charging Methods

The Tesla Model Y can be charged using two primary charging methods - AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) charging. AC charging is the most common method of charging a Tesla Model Y and can be done at home or public charging stations. DC charging, on the other hand, is faster and can be done at Tesla Supercharger stations.

What charging cable comes with the Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y comes with a Type 2 charging connector for AC charging and a CCS2 connector for DC charging. The Type 2 connector is compatible with most public charging stations, while the CCS2 connector is designed for use with Tesla Supercharger stations.

Keep in mind, that this is different from continent to continent. The plug type to charge your Tesla Model Y is different in europe compared to the US. Therefore customers in the US might get different charging connectors compared to european customers.

How long to charge a Tesla Model Y?

Credit Tesla

Several factors can affect the time to charge a Tesla Model Y, including battery size, charging rate, and the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) range. The charging rate is the speed at which the battery can be charged, and it is measured in kilowatts (kW). The higher the charging rate, the faster the battery can be charged.

The charging time of a Tesla Model Y also depends on the battery size. The Model Y comes with two battery options - a 60 kWh Standard Range battery and an 81 kWh Long Range battery. The charging time for the Standard Range battery is shorter than that of the Long Range battery due to the difference in battery size.

How long to charge a Tesla Model Y at a Supercharger

Credit Tesla: Charging can be controlled over the main screen

Once you start charging at a Supercharger you will realize, that is much faster than at a home charger. The difference is clear as you are located at a fast charger where you just simply plug in the charger and your Model Y will be charged. The recommended charge limit will be calculated based on your next destination.

When you charge from an empty battery which is at 4%-10% you most likely will just take 30 minutes or sometimes even less to reach 80% which is most of the time the charge required to reach your next destination. If you are on a very long trip the software will automatically suggest to you, when to continue driving. Without setting a charge limit you will get a notification to continue your trip. This might sound strange but it is better for your Model Y battery life and gets you faster to your designated destination.

So if you ask yourself how long it takes to charge a Tesla Model Y long-range at a Supercharger you have to take into account, that you most likely won't charge the car full. The last 15% of your battery is the one that takes the most time. Fully charging your Model Y is something you can do when you charge your Tesla Model Y at home. This is one of the reasons why charging at home takes longer not only the maximum power is less than at a Supercharger but also the time it takes to fully charge is longer on home chargers due to charging to the max compared to a Supercharger.

Tesla Model Y home charging

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance charging outside of a house

Choosing the Right Charger

When it comes to home charging for your Tesla Model Y, you have two options: a standard household outlet or a dedicated charging station. While a standard household outlet may be sufficient for occasional charging, it is not recommended for regular use as it can take up to 24 hours to fully charge your vehicle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install a dedicated charging station.

One of the most popular charging stations for Tesla owners is the Wall Connector. This charging station can charge your Model Y up to 44 miles per hour and is compatible with both the Model Y and other Tesla vehicles. The Wall Connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be customized to fit your specific charging needs.

Another option is the Mobile Connector, which comes with your Model Y and can be plugged into a standard 120V or 240V outlet. While it is not as fast as the Wall Connector, it is a great option for those who are on the go and need to charge their vehicle in different locations.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla Model Y at home?

Credit: Tesla

When you charge at home and you don't use a Wall Connector you fall into the category of slow charging which is fine if you don't use your car as often. Compared to public rapid charging like at a Supercharger the slow charging process takes up to 24 h depending on how much battery is left. This is the reason why slow charging requires to charge overnight.

Many other factors play a role when it comes to charging speed. One of them is the temperature outside, the battery type, and the ambient temperature of the battery. The Model Y will recommend charging on your touchscreen when it's needed and look for a designated Supercharger. The charging speed will be improved by bringing the battery to its perfect temperature. Once you start the ultra rapid charging on a new Tesla Supercharger the car can use its full capability.

Where is the charging port on a Tesla Model Y?

The vehicle's charging port is located on the left side of the Tesla Model Y. It is located behind a small door that is part of the rear light cluster. Either open the charging port over your screen or the Tesla App. At Supercharger just press the button on the Tesla charging cable to open the charging port door. You can only do this once your Model Y is in the Park.

How to remove the charging cable from your Tesla Model Y?

Credit Tesla: Model Y Quicksilver

Once you are done charging you can use either your Tesla App or your touchscreen in your car. For the app just press the charging button and you will see the option to unplug your charger. This will open the lock which prevents people from stealing your cable. When you start charging your Model Y will automatically lock the charging cable and you will hear a quick sound if you pay attention.

How long can a Tesla Model Y sit without charging?

If you keep your Tesla Model Y at home and you leave for a vacation you might wonder how long the Tesla Model Y can sit in your garage without charging. Your Model Y can go without a charge for up to 60-70 days depending on the temperature and if you put the Tesla into "sleeping mode" which means, that no features are used. Like with a computer you don't turn it off, the car will also still use some energy. If you keep it connected with the charging unit the battery will automatically refill the car. Your Model Y will usually loose around 1-2% per day.

How to change the charging limit on your Tesla Model Y?

Credit Tesla: Vehicles Model Y/3 & S

At a public charging point or home, you can change the charging limit. The limit is automatically set by the software and ensures the battery's health. If you are at rapid chargers like the Supercharger you might pay way more than at home with your electricity contract.

Therefore you might not want to charge to the suggested limit as it is around double the cost for some Tesla owners depending on the region and the prices for fast charging. We strongly suggest to not go over the limit. You will get a notification based on the battery you have. If you have an LFP battery that is used in the Model Y Standard Range in Europe you will be able to charge it 100% anytime, with an LG Battery or different battery packs like the 4680 cells this might be different. Therefore we suggest following the guidelines in the Tesla App.

Tesla Model Y public charging points

Credit Tesla: Model Y

When it comes to charging a Tesla Model Y, utilizing public charging stations can be a convenient option for those who are on the go. There are a few things to keep in mind when using public charging stations to ensure a smooth and efficient charging experience.

How to find a public charging station on Tesla Model Y

There are various resources available to locate public charging stations or a Tesla Supercharger for a Tesla Model Y. One of the options is to use a third-party App. In Europe, you can find many big electricity companies that provide power supply through their own charging network.

One big example is ENBW with is one of the biggest networks outside of Teslas own charging network. The electricity costs will vary from between each provider. It also depends if you use AC Chargers or DC Charging speeds.

The estimated cost can change due to monthly subscription and the package you choose. For Europe you can send your external charging station you want to go to directly via the sharing button on your Tesla touchscreen. With this it is very easy to have a charging session at other fast charging companies if you don't have a Supercharger located nearby. It is only important to keep the different electricity costs in mind, so we suggest to inform yourself before you do a longer road trip.

If you just use the Tesla Superchargers you just type in your destination and everything will work without doing anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance in Midnight Cherry Red

What type of charging port does the Tesla Model Y use?

The Tesla Model Y uses a Combined Charging System (CCS) port, which is compatible with both AC and DC charging. The CCS port is located on the driver's side rear quarter panel of the Model Y.

How to set charging time on Tesla Model Y?

You can just use your Tesla App and use the section Timing which is right below the section Location. Once you press this button you can choose to use the AC before you start your journey or press charging on the right top. You will find a window in which you can plan your charging.

Just enter the time you would like to have and your home charging will start at regular charging speeds. The maximum charge will be the regular suggested charge limit in connection with the battery health of your electric vehicle.

How to get free Supercharging for life with your Tesla Model Y?

Credit Tesla: Model Y Interior

You won't be able to get any free Supercharging for life with your Tesla Model Y as Tesla ended the perk in 2018. You will still find many Tesla Model S and Model X owners that have this perk from the past but new vehicles don't receive it anymore.

How to get free Supercharging for Tesla Model Y

Tesla does occasionally offer free Supercharging when you buy a Model Y. This is a way to attract new customers. Depending on the deal you can receive free Supercharging for a certain time period or you have a set amount of Miles (Kilometers) that you can charge during a certain time period.


Credit Tesla: Model Y

We hope that our content helped you out to answer all important questions that are related to charging your Tesla Model Y. We are looking forward to have you back in the future. For more blog posts and suggestion related to your Tesla Model Y see our following posts:

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