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How to Turn Off Your Tesla Model 3: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a proud Tesla Model 3 owner, but still unsure how to turn off your vehicle. Look no further, as we have a step-by-step guide to help you conserve energy and prevent battery drain.

Unlike traditional gas-powered cars, Tesla models require a unique approach to power down. For those steps you need your key card and a authorized phone. Most people use the Tesla vehicle without the key and prefer the phone as they can access the Tesla App.

There are a few ways to turn off your Tesla Model 3, from touching the Power Off button on the touchscreen display after shifting into park, to simply exiting the vehicle and closing the door behind you. If you forget to do either of these, don't worry!

The screen and HVAC system will turn off immediately, with other electrical systems shutting down after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Say goodbye to energy waste and hello to preserving your battery life with these simple tips for turning off your Tesla Model 3.

Turning off your Tesla Model 3 is a straightforward process that can be done in a few easy steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you

The 5 Steps for turning off your Tesla Model 3

  1. Touch the "Controls" button on the main touch screen.

  2. Next, select the "Safety & Security" option from the menu.

  3. Tap the "Power Off" button to turn off your Tesla Model 3.

  4. Wait for at least two minutes without interacting with the vehicle

  5. Do not open the doors or touch the vehicle during this time.

Did you know that completely turning off your Tesla Model 3 will also shut down climate control and charging? But don't worry, you can still selectively turn off certain features like climate control with a few taps on your touchscreen. It's a breeze to power down your Tesla Model 3 and keep it safely stored until your next adventure awaits.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Here are a few more tips that you should keep in mind when turning off your Tesla Model3.

  • Hold back for at least two minutes to interact with your Tesla Model 3 once you have turned it off. This ensures that the system has been fully shutdown. Like with a Computer you need to wait a short period of time until it finaly shutdowns. This is not different with your Tesla Model 3.

  • If you have an emergeny situation you can speed up the process by tapping the Car icon on the lower-left of the touchscreen, then go to Safety & Security. There you will find the option "Power Off" this will force the entire system to go off right a away.

  • Please make sure that you check your Tesla Model 3`s owner`s for additional information and instructions on how to properly operate your vehicle.

Why should i turn off my Tesla?

There are many reasons why it helps to sometimes restart your Tesla. Like with a Laptop or Computer at home it sometimes helps to restart the entire system to prevent the software from unusual behavior. Here are some reasons why you should turn off your Tesla.

Every Computer needs a restart

You might have issues with your screen. Like with a computer the system might need a restart. It can also help you to regain the speed. Every Tesla owner gets Software Updates. With those your car gets better.

Nevertheless bugs can come with it as well. To solve this issue it helps to sometimes just restart the entire computer amd wotj tjat tje electrical components.

New driver or selling your Tesla

You have new drivers or you want to sell your car. A restart of the computer can help to avoid any issues for future drivers and is as well a safety tool. With this step you can also check if all functionalities still work perfectly.

What else should i know about my Tesla

There are many other aspects apart of turning off your Tesla that can effect your car that we will discuss in the following section.

Tesla energy consumption over night

We are all very well aware that the hvac system in the summer and the heater in the winter consume a lot of energy but your Tesla also consumes power even though the touchscreen is offline. This has to do with basic functionalities in the backround that automatically consume energy from your battery or your Wallbox.

You dont see this directly on your phone therefore if you dont need your Tesla you can shutdown the Tesla overnight.

Tesla Roof and the energy consumption

During the summertime the hvac systems will use a lot of energy from your battery as you have to cool down your car. Therefore it is important to get a cover for your roof. Such a protection can help you to consume less energy as the hvac system wont be used as much.

This is one of the factors to increase your range and with that save money. You dont have to charge that often and at the same time you are able to drive way more comfortable during the heat period in the summer.

We advice to park the car whenever possible in a garage, especially during the summer.

In the winter time you can either keep the sun protection or take it out.

Tesla LFP Battery explained

Tesla's latest vehicles from China are powered by the LFP battery - a powerful battery with a unique lithium iron phosphate chemistry. Unlike other Tesla vehicles that use nickel cobalt aluminum batteries, the LFP battery boasts some remarkable benefits.

First and foremost, it comes at a lower cost than other batteries, thanks to its use of inexpensive materials. Not only that, but the LFP battery has a lifespan of up to 3,000 cycles - meaning it lasts longer than other options out there.

So when you're cruising around in your Tesla, you can rest easy knowing that you're not only saving money, but you're also reducing your carbon footprint.

Although the LFP battery has some downsides, such as a lower energy density and potential temperature-related performance issues, it remains a dependable and budget-friendly option for certain uses.

That being said, Tesla has made the strategic decision to incorporate LFP batteries into select products, offering consumers an accessible and more economical choice.


The Model 3 is the perfect eco-conscious car for budget-savvy drivers who appreciate power, safety, and functionality.

This electric vehicle will not only save you money on fuel and maintenance, but it will also help you reduce your carbon footprint. The Model 3 boasts speedy take-off, seamless handling, and a comfortable ride, all while receiving high safety ratings. Plus, with over-the-air software updates and a sleek touchscreen interface on board, this vehicle epitomizes modern convenience. Get behind the wheel of this practical and fun ride for an all-around amazing driving experience.

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