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How to turn on Cruise Control in your Tesla model Y

Credit Tesla: Model Y in blue

The Tesla Model Y allows you to travel with a lot of very good features. Those allow you to drive very comfortably and safely. The cruise control function is one of them. Apart from Germany all countries where you will drive your Tesla Model Y have a designated speed limit which will make it easy to use the cruise control feature.

We have driven a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y for thousands of miles/km through Europe and can say, that we were able to do this without any issues for many kilometers continuously. The driving experience with the features is way different and allows you to stay more relaxed.

In this short guide, we will explain to you how to use cruise control and the very important difference to the new Tesla Model 3 Highland steering wheel which will come to the Tesla Model Y soon.


Tesla Model Y Cruise Control - Activation

Credit Tesla: Model Y interior with touchscreen

Setting up cruise control is a straightforward process in your Tesla Model Y and once you are used to everything involved with this feature, it will work perfectly during every driving situation for you.

Understanding the Control for Cruise Control

Before you get started you should get familiar with all the controls needed to activate cruise control in your Tesla Model Y. In your Model Y you find various controls which include the stalk, accelerator, brake pedal, steering wheel, and touchscreen. You can find the cruise control function right at the drive stalk, which is located on the right side of the steering wheel.

Please note, that the Tesla Model 3 Highland Cruise Control works differently and that the same steering wheel will come into future Tesla Model Y Facelifts.

Activating Tesla Model Y Cruise Control

To activate the cruise control in your current Tesla Model Y push the drive stalk down and release it again to enable cruise control. This works with all Tesla Model Y that are currently produced. Please note, that with the Model 3 Highland changes to the Steering will have come and those will come to the Model Y in the future as well.

In case you have the Tesla Model 3 Highland or in the future the Tesla Model Y Facelift you have to press the right scroll wheel from your steering wheel. Then release the accelerator pedal to allow the cruise control to get active.

If by any chance you activated in the settings the cruise control to "Single Click," you just have to press the scroll one time and the cruise control will be activated.

Adjusting Tesla Model Y Cruise Control Speed

If you want to adjust the speed while cruise control is activated you can do that over the scroll wheel on the right side of your steering wheel. Just scroll up or down to adjust the speed. Please note that you have to stay in line with the local speed limits.

If you want to adjust the distances between you and other cars driving in front you can change the settings on the touchscreen. We strongly advise you to do this before driving as a standard setting. Just navigate to the Autopilot settings and select the Cruise Follow Distance option. From there you can adjust the following distance by touching plus or minus.

Tesla Model Y Cruise Control how to stop it

You can just use the brake pedal to stop cruise control any time you feel like it. Once you activate it again you have to be careful, as it uses the top speed you had before and in this case, might accelerate pretty quickly if you don't have any other cars in front of you. So adjust the speed if needed.


Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance in blue

We hope that you enjoyed our Guide for wrapping your Tesla Model Y, if you want to rate your experience with your Tesla Model Y or any other EV don't hesitate to visit our section for that.

We have as well more Guides for your Tesla Model Y, Do not hesitate to check the following Blog Posts.

We are looking forward to having you back in the future

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