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Tesla Model 3 2024 Prices & Facelift - All Details

Tesla Model 3 in rot
Credit Tesla: Tesla models with new colors

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars in the world. Today, we're going to take a close look at the pricing for this model. We'll also shed light on why the price and the Model 3 are changing in a timely manner and what that means for you as a customer.

Tesla Model 3 current prices

Tesla Model 3 in weiß
Credit Tesla: Tesla Model 3 2024 Facelift

As follows, we look at the current prices after the release of the Tesla Model 3 2024.

  • Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive - Price: 42,990€.

  • Tesla Model 3 Maximum Range - Price: 51.990€

The Tesla Model 3 now comes first in two different versions. The performance variant has been cancelled for now and will most likely be released at a later date.

Tesla Model 3 Innenraum
Credit Tesla: Tesla Model 3 interior

There is a new interior for the Tesla Model 3, this is fundamentally different from the old design. As follows once an overview of the changes.

  • New steering wheel

  • No gearshift - operation is done via the steering wheel

  • New screen with thinner edge and better picture quality

  • New center console

  • New seats, which have ventilation

  • Better smartphone operation & improved Bluetooth

  • New sound system which now has 17 speakers (previously 14).

  • Small screen for rear seat passengers

  • Noise level has been reduced by 30%.

  • 360 degree acoustic

  • LED interior lighting

Credit Tesla: back seat small screen

In addition to the changes mentioned, there are many other small updates that will become more obvious over time. With the new Tesla Model 3 2024, Tesla has definitely chosen the right step and changed a large number of points.

Other important changes in the interior of the Tesla Model 3 2024 include the elimination of the wooden dashboard, which is replaced by a woven material. The vehicle has a high-quality interior and has definitely received a very good upgrade with a small touchscreen on the back seat.

Credit Tesla: Model 3 interior

As usual, the back seat allows a lot of space. With the aforementioned reduction in ambient noise, driving with a family is now even more pleasant. Street noise is even reduced by 20% here.

The current surcharge of 1000€ is also justified for all upgrades, the model now really brings.

Tesla Model 3 2024 exterior

Credit Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Facelift

The outdoor area has changed positively since the last Tesla Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 2024 comes with a sportier design and has lost the open gaps on the right and left in the lower front area.

The front is also closed and looks sportier. The following changes were made to the exterior:

  • No more fog lights

  • Car is lighter than before

  • Better aerodynamics and therefore 8% more efficient

  • The air resistance is only 0.219 Cd

  • Tesla logo is replaced by lettering

The exterior of the Tesla Model 3 2024 has developed very positively and the initial response is very good. The Tesla Model Y will now get the same update in a few months.

The Tesla Model 3 2024 will probably also be equipped with Hardware 4 and will therefore also have a new camera on the front. The first pictures are not yet clear here, but sources from China are already pointing this out

Tesla Model 3 2024 Specifications

Credit Tesla: Model 3 headlights

The rear-wheel drive version of the Tesla Model 3 has a longer range than before. With a WLTP range of 554 km, you can get the furthest with the 18-inch Photon rims.

With the Tesla Model 3 maximum range, it is now possible to cover a distance of 678 km according to WLTP measurements. The only major downside to the new Tesla Model 3 2024 is the top speed limit. Here the vehicle is now locked at 201 km/h. That is a difference of almost 20 km/h.

When it comes to acceleration, the new Tesla Model 3 2024 behaves like the old version. Both versions achieve the same values ​​as before. On the other hand, there is good news about consumption, which shows the new efficiency of the Tesla Model 3.

With the Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive, you are now doing very well over 100km with a consumption of 13.2 kWh instead of 14.4 kWh. The Tesla Model 3 maximum range can improve by 0.7 kWh to 14.0 kWh per 100 km.

When can I order the Tesla Model 3 2024?

The Tesla Model 3 2024 can be ordered now and will be delivered in October - November, depending on when you order. The Chinese market will be served in September and the first ships should be on their way towards the end of September.


Credit Tesla: Model 3 2024

With the new Tesla Model 3 2024, Tesla is once again entering the volume market. In recent months, the Tesla Model Y has become increasingly dominant and the reluctance to buy Tesla Model 3 can be felt. Tesla surprised many with this facelift.

A small touchscreen was definitely not on the list of changes. Neither does a better sound system. With the award, Tesla has shown that they are entering the market with self-confidence. We expect a price reduction no later than halfway through 2024, when initial demand has been met.

Tesla wants to become a volume manufacturer and has thus laid the foundation. It can be assumed that another performance variant with the Tesla Model 3 2024 will come onto the market. Initial sources from China confirm that both versions currently sold will come with an LFP battery.

With the new colors Stealth Gray and Ultra Red, Tesla has given its fleet a little more variation in Europe, which is certainly the right strategy.

We are very excited to see how the new Tesla Model 3 will sell in 2024. You are also welcome to write your feedback under this post and you will soon be able to rate the new Tesla Model 3 on E-Car-Review.

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