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Tesla Model Y Climate Control: How to turn on Air Conditioner

Credit Tesla: Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is the perfect car to drive with your entire family on a long vacation or do a road trip somewhere nice. Usually, most of those trips happen during the summertime, so it is very important to know what the Model Y can offer to keep the temperature low when it is very hot outside.

The panoramic glass roof is one of the signature features of Tesla vehicles, nevertheless especially in the summertime the glass will turn very hot, and with that as well the entire interior of your Model Y.

We will now show how you can operate the AC most efficiently so that the battery and the range aren't affected too much.

Operating the Tesla Model Y Climate Control System

Credit Tesla: Model Y Quicksilver

To operate the climate control system in your Tesla you just have to use the touchscreen, which is the center point for everything that happens in your Tesla Model Y. Keep in mind, that everything you do with the climate control system can affect your range immediately, therefore we do suggest to use the AC only for a short period of times, which is most of the time no problem.

Based on the experience of many Tesla Model Y owners we do know, that the AC is very strong and the car will cool down very quickly, so you can either use a deficient strength of the AC for a long time or you do it very strong at MAX for a few minutes.

Adjusting the Tesla Model Y Cabin Temperature

You can adjust the cabin temperature manually or automatically. To adjust the temperature manually, touch the display temperature at the bottom of the touchscreen. Here you can adjust your climate preferences by dragging the temperature slider to your desired temperature. You are also able to adjust the fan speed by dragging the fan speed slider.

If you prefer the AC to work automatically you just touch the Auto button and the car will adjust the strength based on the temperature in the car. Keep in mind, that this might not be the perfect setting for you if you don't like constant changes in temperatures.

Tesla Model Y More Climate Control Features

Credit Tesla: Model Y

Once you have figured out your perfect settings for the temperature and the AC strength, the next option is to adjust the airflow movement. You can do this by touching the airflow icon on the climate control screen. Just use your fingers to move the airflow on the screen and it will adjust right away. If it is a very hot day we do advise you to be careful when it comes to adjusting the airflow directly towards your body. When the airflow is too cold and the temperature is very hot the chances of getting a cold are very high.

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Tesla Model Y Special Climate Mode

The very famous Dog Mode or Camping Mode can also be used over the settings in your car. Those two features allow a perfect circulation of new air in your car, while you are sleeping or your dog is waiting for you.

Tesla Model Y AC Voice Command

If you want to use the voice command you can do that by simply saying "Set temperature to XX degrees" or "Turn on AC" If you want to use the climate control system in the most efficient way we despite this feature recommend to us the AC on Auto setting or in your own desired temperature.

Tesla Model Y Climate Control System Disadvantage

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance in Midnight Cherry Red

Like with any feature that uses energy, the climate control system of the Tesla Model Y reduces the range that you can achieve with your Tesla Model Y. You will nevertheless only notice this, if you use the AC above the normal average use, as the AC is always turned on, just in a lower volume. F

Furthermore max capacity in your Model Y and the need for cooling the entire car can increase the use of the energy of your battery. With Tesla Supercharger Network we don't see any big issues for you to charge on long distances and keep your Model Y cool during the summertime or limited heat waves that might occur.


When you receive your Tesla Model Y for the first time, take your time to adjust the settings as you would like to have them. Based on our and the experience of many Tesla Owners we know, that it doesn't take very long to find the perfect settings for your Model Y and with that experience the best comfort in your new electric vehicle.


We hope that you enjoyed our Guide for your Tesla Model Y, if you want to rate your experience with your Tesla Model Y or any other EV don't hesitate to visit our section for that.

We have as well more Guides for your Tesla Model Y, Do not hesitate to check the following Blog Posts.

We are looking forward to having you back in the future

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