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Tesla Model Y Facelift 2024 Everything you need to know

Credit Tesla: Model Y in black

With the Tesla Model 3 Highland already available in Europe and China the focus currently shifts towards the new Model Y Facelift and what we can expect in 2024. With new changes already seen in China, we can get a pretty good idea how what the refreshed Model Y will look like.

We will let you know all the details that will change the differences we can see already in China and what this means for customer deliveries in Europe and the US.

When will the Tesla Model Y Facelift be launched?

Credit Tesla: Model Y new dashboard

Currently,, the 2024 Tesla Model Y is already going to customers in China, nevertheless, it doesn't have all the changes that we already know about from the Tesla Model 3.

Therefore we are sure, that with Project Juniper more changes will come and many new features from the Tesla Model 3 Highland will taken to the 2024 Tesla Model Y Facelift.

Tesla Model Y Refresh United States production start

Credit Tesla: News interior in the Tesla Model 3

We do expect the new Model Y Electric SUV to arrive in the United States by 2024 most likely in Q2 or Q3. The reason for that is the focus on the Cybertruck production start, which will take some time and many people to work on. Once the ramp is going well we expect all the changes listed below to come to the best-selling car in the world.

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Tesla Model Y Refresh Europe production start

Credit Tesla: The panoramic roof

With no distraction like the Cybertruck in Austin Texas, the factory in Grünheide Germany could introduce the 2024 Tesla Model Y anytime.

Tesla might use the chance at the beginning of the year to make upgrades to its production and bring with that the expected Tesla Model Y Refresh.

The newest construction permits suggest, that Tesla will refresh the production line in the first half of 2024 which is the first step to a further expansion of the company in Germany.

The initial plan is to increase production to almost 1 million cars per year like in the factory in China Shanghai.

Tesla Model Y 2024 Facelift - What will change?

Credit Tesla: Exterior design of the Tesla Model 3

The 2024 Tesla Model Y will get many changes that the Tesla Model 3 Highland as an electric sedan has received. Tesla ist well known for its electric cars being production efficient. This is only possible if the 2024 Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 Highland have many components in common.

These are the changes that we can expect to come in the new 2024 Tesla Model Y

  • New Steering Wheel

  • RGB Ambient Lights

  • Ventilated Seats

  • Redesigned Dashboard

  • Upgrade from Hardware 3 to Hardware 4

  • The exterior design Language will be the same as the Tesla Model 3

  • New Wheels (Photon & Nova)

  • New Cameras for parking 8-inch

  • Better range and energy consumption

  • 8-inch touchscreen for rear passengers

  • New sound system with better sound

  • 2.0 Ventilation system

  • New interior design and less sound from the outside

  • Steering wheel options (potentially Yoke)

Tesla Model Y 2024 Pricing

Credit Tesla: Model Y

When it comes to pricing Tesla has shown, that it reacts to local markets therefore it is very hard to say if Tesla will increase or decrease prices.

With the latest earnings call and of course the prices for the Tesla Model 3 line up, we can suggest that the prices won't be below the current Model Y.

For customers in Europe, the highly anticipated facelift of the Model 3 resulted in a price increase of around 1000€. I do expect the same in the US, it might remain the same or get a slight increase due to all the new technology and performance that the facelift can offer.

Tesla Model Y 2024 Driving Range & Battery

Credit Tesla

When it comes to driving range we can expect some improvements for the updated Model Y. The newest Model 3 received a better range for the Standard and Long Range AWD. The good news nevertheless is, that this was achieved by better aerodynamics and not a bigger battery.

Elon Musk has many times mentioned, that bigger batteries won't be the solution and with the Model 3 and in the future with the Model Y Juniper we can expect better driving range without a bigger battery.

For customers in Europe, the Model Y comes in the entry version with the BYD and in the Long Range Variant with LG battery. We don't expect any changes to happen here for project Juniper until the 4680 production at Giga Berlin has started.

If you live in the US we expect that the 4680 will be used for the Cybertruck. The final decision for the Model Y still has to be made and we need to wait for final confirmation once the Model Y project Juniper is done and delivered to customers.

Tesla Model Y 2024 Colors

Credit Tesla: Model Y Quicksilver

For many Americans, it was frustrating to see all the new colors for European customers. Now with the new Tesla Model 3 Highland customers also received the Ultra Red. Many hope that the refreshed Model Y will receive new paint colors to choose from.

Unfortunately, there is no information so far. We hope that in Austin and with upgrades in Fremont new colors will come to US customers too. Based on the reaction of Chinese and European customers the new colors are looking very good and are worth the price.


Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance midnight cherry red

The 2024 Tesla Model Y will be without a doubt the best-selling car in the world. If it's the new steering wheel options or the performance and driving range, there are many changes, that will make people excited about the new Tesla Model Y.

With more models coming from other companies Tesla can use the opportunity to change the exterior and add more features that will support its lead when it comes to tech and the speed of innovation. The interior as seen in the Tesla Model 3 Highland has received a lot of positive feedback.

With more and more Models delivered to customers in China and Europe, we do expect, that the interest in the new model 3 will likely increase in 2024. If you enjoy this information do have a look at the following Guides we have done for the Tesla Model Y:

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