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Tesla Model Y - How to set primary driver - A Step-by-Step-Guide

Credit Tesla: Model X in red

The Tesla Model Y comes with many good features, that you might not know from other brands, on of them is the ability to set a primary driver. This features makes the driving experience much better.

But how do you change the default user in your car? In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of changing the default user to tailor your Tesla experience.

How to set primary driver Tesla Model Y

Credit Tesla: Model Y Quicksilver

Before going into the process of changing the default user, it's essential to grasp how the Tesla Priority Device functions, the following explanation works for the Tesla Model 3 but as well as the Tesla Model S/X and Tesla Model Y. The software is the same, which makes it easy to work with the Tesla App.

  • The Tesla Priority Device empowers you to select a specific device for your car that aligns with the chosen driver profile, ensuring a personalized and convenient experience for all vehicle occupants.

  • Each driver profile can have a preferred Priority Device, such as a smartphone or key fob. When a Tesla driver enters the car connects to the Priority Device associated with the active driver profile.

  • This feature is especially handy for households with multiple Tesla drivers, as it eliminates the cumbersome manual switching of Bluetooth connections while driving the car.

As you have your own Tesla driver profile the driver's seat automatically adjusts once you enter and sit down on the driver's seat. Tesla owners can of course also manually use the key card if they just want to give the car to a friend, who doesn't have a Tesla driver profile.

In this case, they have to manually adjust the seating position without saving it. The easy entry without a phone key won't be available. The guest would have to use the key card like a normal car key.

Changing the Default User

Credit Tesla: Tesla Model 3 Highland

To change the default user in your Tesla, follow these straightforward steps:

Access Your Tesla's Settings:

  • Enter your Tesla vehicle and ensure it's in Park mode.

  • Tap the Tesla "T" logo on your car's touchscreen to access the main menu.

Navigate to 'Controls':

  • From the main menu, select 'Controls.' This is where you can configure various aspects of your vehicle.

Choose 'Driver Profiles':

  • Under the 'Controls' menu, you'll find the 'Driver Profiles' option. Select it to access the driver profile settings.

Select the Desired Driver Profile:

  • In the 'Driver Profiles' menu, choose the driver profile you want to set as the default user.

Change Priority Device:

  • Within the selected driver profile, you'll have the option to change the Priority Device.

  • Tap on the 'Priority Device' option and select the new device you want to associate with this profile.

Save Your Changes:

  • After selecting the new Priority Device, don't forget to save your changes.

Benefits of Changing the Default User:

Changing the default user in your Tesla offers several advantages:

  • Personalized Experience: Each driver can have their preferred settings, such as seat position, mirrors, music, and navigation, automatically configured when they enter the vehicle.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The car prioritizes connecting to the selected device, eliminating the need for manual Bluetooth pairing with each drive. This makes it easier to connect to the designated bluetooth device.

  • Enhanced Convenience: If you share your Tesla vehicle with family members or friends, changing the default user ensures that the car instantly adapts to their preferences.

Tesla vehicles and your personal settings

Credit Tesla: Model Y front seats

There are many things you can adjust or personalize in your Tesla and that makes the car so easy to use. When using the vehicle settings you can have multiple driver profiles and multiple keys, nevertheless the most common challenge ist the adjustment of the driver seat.

Our Experience

Based on our own experience we have some things to share, how to deal with more people using your car.

  • For guest drivers, they can use a linked key and don't need their profile to a key. They manually adjust the seat and the steering wheel but don't save the settings. After they leave the car, the settings automatically adjust back to the original one. The steering wheel position as well as the driver seat are the most important positions you have to keep in mind.

  • If you want to change your settings to a new position you can do this any time by just changing it and letting it save.

  • Don't put your child's safety seat in the front. In the back, you don't need any automatic adjustments as the seats are always in the same position, and much safer if anything happens.

  • To choose the right driver's profile just use the driver profile dropdown menu and you can choose your name. Once you choose your name the seat will move to the previously saved position.

  • To link multiple driver profiles or link multiple keys you can always use your Tesla App or account. For the key, you can just close the door of the car and link a new key card over the menu on the screen. Always use the on-screen instructions when you connect a profile to a key.


Credit Tesla: Model Y

The Tesla Priority Device feature simplifies the driving experience by allowing you to set a default user for your car. Changing the default user is a straightforward process that enhances personalization and convenience.

Whether you're switching between family members or configuring your own driver profile, Tesla continues its mission to make driving smarter and more user-friendly, offering features like Priority Device. Enjoy a seamless and personalized journey with your Tesla.


Do you want to share your experience with your Tesla? You can do that on E-Car-Review. Check out our Car selection and choose your Tesla Model and share your experience of the Supercharger, Valet Mode or just your daily commute. Furthermore we do have several more Guides prepared for you in case you have open questions

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