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How to Open a Tesla Model Y Frunk - All you need to know

Credit Tesla: The Model Y in white

When you buy a Tesla Model Y you have the big advantage of having a lot of space to store anything you like. In comparison to a gasoline car, the frunk is a very nice play to store charging equipment or even part of your shopping.

In this Guide we will look into all the details on how you open this frunk, so that you can perfectly use it anytime you need it. One way to open the frunk on a Tesla Model Y is to use the touchscreen located on the car's interior. Simply tap the "Open" button on the screen, and the frunk will be released. Another option is to use the key fob accessory that comes with the car. To do this, double-click the front trunk button on the key fob, and the frunk will open. If you don't have your key fob handy, you can also use the Tesla mobile app to open the frunk from your smartphone. It's important to note that the frunk should only be opened when the car is in the park. Additionally, when closing the frunk, be sure to follow the proper method to avoid damaging the hood or trunk area. By following these simple steps, you can easily access the frunk on your Tesla Model Y and take advantage of the extra storage space it provides.

Opening the Frunk

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

The front trunk or "frunk" of the Tesla Model Y is a convenient storage space for drivers. Opening the frunk can be done in several ways, including using the key fob, the Tesla mobile app, or the touchscreen.

Using the Key Fob

To open the frunk using the key fob, the driver needs to double-click on the frunk button. This button is located on the key fob accessory and can be easily recognized by its frunk icon. Once the button is pressed twice, the frunk should pop open, allowing the driver to access the storage space.

The Key Fob is an option that not many people use anymore. Most people use a Mobile App or a Key Card. In the past, the Key Fob was very popular among the first adopters of Tesla cars.

Using the Tesla Mobile App

Another way to open the frunk is by using the Tesla mobile app. To do this, the driver needs to open the app and select the frunk option. Once selected, the frunk should pop open, allowing the driver to access the storage space.

It is very important, that you are connected with your vehicle. The mobile app option is the one most people like to use, especially when you are already outside or you approach your car.

Using the Touchscreen

Credit Tesla: Touchscreen in the Tesla Model 3/Y

The final way to open the frunk is by using the touchscreen. To open the frunk using the touchscreen, the driver needs to locate the associated "Open" button on the Tesla touchscreen and tap it. Once tapped, the frunk should pop open, allowing the driver to access the storage space. Overall, opening the frunk of the Tesla Model Y is a simple process that can be done using the key fob, the Tesla mobile app, or the touchscreen. By following the steps outlined above, drivers can easily access the convenient storage space provided by the frunk.

Advise: Use the touchscreen, when you sit in the car and you are about to move outside. This is the quickest way to open your frunk.

If you are already outside and you approach the car the mobile app is your place to go. For the Key Card, you would have to open the car first and then use the touchscreen which makes no sense as the other two options are much quicker.

Troubleshooting and Safety

Credit Tesla: The Model Y Performance

When There's No Power If the Model Y frunk won't open due to a lack of power, there is a way to access the frunk by using an external power supply. First, locate an external 12V power supply and then release the tow eye cover by pressing firmly on the bottom of the cover. Connect the red positive (+) cable to the tow eye and the black negative (-) cable to a metal part of the car frame. Once the external power supply is connected, the frunk should be able to be opened.

Damage and Repairs If the frunk is damaged or in need of repair, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. Attempting to repair the frunk without proper knowledge and tools can result in further damage or serious injury. The striker, latches, and locks should be inspected regularly to ensure proper function and to prevent damage.

We do advise you to report any damages in your Tesla App or visit the next Tesla Service Center to discuss further details with them to ensure everything works correctly.

Safety Measures It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when attempting to open the frunk. The interior emergency release should only be used in emergencies. The illuminated interior release button can be used to open the frunk from inside the car. When attempting to open the trunk, always ensure that the car is in park and that the hood is fully closed.


We hope that this detailed guide gave you an idea on how to open the frunk of your Tesla Model Y. If you have any open questions don't hesitate to comment or visit our homepage. For more detailed Guides check out the following posts we have made, to help you out:

We look forward hearing about to having you back here for more detailed guides around your Tesla or other EVs.

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