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Tesla blocking Fees - How to avoid them

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

The growing popularity of electric vehicles brings about new challenges and systems that are relevant to Tesla Owners. One such system that requires special attention is the blocking fees associated with charging at Superchargers.

In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information about blocking fees: what they are, why they exist, when they are incurred, and how to avoid them.

We want to make one thing clear right at the beginning, in normal circumstances Tesla Owners that check their phone and the App won't have any extra fees at a supercharger Station.

What are Supercharger idle fees?

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

A Tesla idle fee is imposed when you occupy a Supercharger even though your car is already fully charged.

The objective is clear: to increase the availability of charging stations and motivate you as a driver to promptly free up your spot at the Supercharger for others.

Why Tesla has blocking fees?

The Tesla Supercharger network is specifically designed to provide fast charging for long-distance trips. It's understandable that frustrations can arise when encountering a Supercharger occupied by fully charged vehicles, causing delays for others.

The blocking fees serve the purpose of ensuring efficient usage for all Tesla drivers and other electric vehicles and increasing the availability of charging stations.

To avoid any extra fee for tesla vehicles we do suggest to check your app. If you sit in the car you can find the information for it as well on the vehicle's touchscreen.

When do idle fees apply?

The fee is incurred as soon as your Tesla is fully charged, and you do not remove your vehicle from the charging station within a certain timeframe.

It's important to pay attention to the notifications you receive on your smartphone or your vehicle's display.

The Tesla app is your best friend in this regard, as it informs you when the charging process is nearly complete and reminds you again once your car is fully charged.

This entire process ensures the Supercharger access for all EV owners, especially as Tesla Superchargers will be used from other EV drivers with there electric vehicle more and more.

How much are the Tesla blocking fees?

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The amount of the blocking fee varies depending on the occupancy of the Tesla Supercharger and its location. You can find a detail list of fees for your country over here.

In the US the fee starts at $0,50 cents per minute when the Supercharger is 50% occupied and increases to $1 per minute at 100% occupancy. With this strategy a Supercharging Station can be used as efficient as possible.

Are there blocking fees with other providers?

Yes, the concept of blocking fees is not unique to Tesla. Other charging station providers have also implemented similar systems.

The conditions and fees, however, may vary, so it's advisable to research the fee policies in advance at other charging stations.

In general for all providers you have your App with the bank account connected and once the payment method is know by the provider or in this case Tesla, they will charge you, if you have been standing too long at a Tesla Supercharger Station


Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance in black

Tesla blocking fees may sound concerning at first, but in practice, most Tesla drivers rarely encounter them. These fees primarily affect those who do not consider the needs of others.

So, don't worry too much, as responsible charging and paying attention to notifications in your Tesla app will likely ensure you never have to deal with blocking fees.

Ultimately, this system is designed to make Supercharger stations more efficient and accessible for all Tesla drivers.

By checking your Tesla Account and your notifications you can always have control about what is happening at the charger. If you decided to get some food just move your car to avoid long wait times for others and idle fees.

Most people wait for the full charge, we don't advise to always charge your car to the upper limit. Check your Tesla handbook for more details. In the long term it can hurt your battery level and the lifetime and performance of your car.

Just plug your car for the energy you really need and Supercharging will be fun and quick for you. For further Tesla Model Y Guides please look into more posts we have done o help you.

Please don't hesitate to share your experience of your EV on E-Car-Review.

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