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Tesla Model Y Facelift - A Timeline

Credit Tesla: Model Y

It is no secret that the Tesla Model Y Facelift is around the corner. The new Tesla Model Y will attract a lot of interest after many customers in Europe and China have seen and tested the Tesla Model 3 Highland.

The project Juniper as it is secretly called may start in a few weeks we will give you a detailed timeline on when you can expect the Tesla Model Y Facelift in each destination and why this is so.

Tesla Model Y Facelift Shanghai

Credit Tesla: Model Y

The 2024 Tesla Model Y Facelift will February start production in China after the New Year holiday. First reports suggest, that the holiday season in february will be used to change the production line as Tesla has done for the new Tesla Model 3.

The updated Model Y could start shipping in March latest April if everything goes smoothly with the production of the electric SUV.

The reason why Tesla needs to start in China is very clear, with almost 100k cars produced per month and almost 70k of them being the Model Y, it is very important to stay ahead of the local Chinese competition.

With the new Tesla Model Y, the cost will be reduced and a better range will attract a lot of new customers. Even though the Model Y was the best-selling car worldwide in 2023, Tesla would like to keep it that way.

Giga Shanghai Tesla Model Y Facelift timeline

Credit Tesla: Model Y

With the start of production in February latest in March, Tesla could be in mass production by April. With this timeline, the refreshed Model Y will hit the market in China and all export countries in Q2 2024.

Tesla Model Y Facelift Giga Berlin

With many improvements expected, most customers will wait until the new Tesla Model Y is introduced and changes and features are confirmed. We all know that exterior and interior changes will come and most likely match the Model 3 Refresh.

The release date of the new Model Y is not confirmed yet in Germany but most likely it will come right after Giga Shanghai which means we can expect a pause in production by July - August and mass production by September.

Credit Tesla: Model Y

With all the experience Tesla has with electric cars and the production we don't expect, that it will take very long to ramp up the production. Tesla has almost 12.000 employees so there is a strong foundation for such a change in the production.

The European market is complicated as the UK market still receives cars from China. So with Giga Shanghai being the first to launch the new facelifted Tesla Model Y, the UK market might receive those cars ahead of all other EU countries.

Tesla Model Y Facelift Giga Berlin timeline

We expect the production of the new Tesla Model Y Facelift somewhere in Q3, most likely in happenAugust the latest September. Many countries in the EU still have incentives.

The German market nevertheless has none anymore, therefore discounts will happen and the new facelifted Model Y will help to compete with other carmakers in Germany.

Tesla Model Y Facelift United States

Credit Tesla: Model Y

With the US being the home market of the company you might expect it to be the first to launch the Facelift. Despite this fact, Tesla has a very good reason to start in China and Europe. With less competition and a very high market share Tesla can allow itself to wait with the Model Y also codenamed Project Juniper.

We currently see one of the best examples of this strategy as Giga Shanghai started with the Tesla Model 3 Highland and after local deliveries is now exporting to Europe. Everyone except the US and Canadian customers has received the new Tesla Model 3.

The production and deliveries will now happen most likely in January and February which brings us to the timeline for the Tesla Model Y Facelift in the US. The current Model Y will most likely be sold until the end of the year. In January 2025 the new Tesla Model Y will hit the market.

Why is Tesla taking so long to do a Refresh?

Credit Tesla: Model Y

There are many reasons why Tesla doesn't stop production in two locations at the same time. One reason is the stock market. With so much attention on numbers, it is very hard to explain a very low result in deliveries for a certain quarter.

With just one production line closed for 2 weeks at one destination Tesla can gain experience learn from the new production line and adapt to challenges that might occur in other factories. Therefore it is the right move to begin in a country like China and afterwards move to Europe and then to the US market.

Tesla Model Y Facelift changes

Credit Tesla: Model Y

The new Tesla Model Y is not a partial upgrade, it will have many new features and a much better performance. Some of the changes include a new steering wheel, obvious exterior changes, a new wheel design, and ambient lighting.

If you would like to get a sense of all the features that will come next year in the US or even earlier depending on where you are from, don't hesitate to check out our other post with all the details on the changes you can expect.


Credit Tesla: Model Y

The current Model Y is a very good car but as with every great product at some point, a related Model of other carmakers might be as good as the product you bought a few years ago.

Tesla has made great progress in building the best electric SUV and with the updated Model Y in the Long Range, Performance, and Standard Range Version the car will get ahead of the competition again. The 2024 Tesla Model 3 has already made big waves and we expect this to happen with the Tesla Model Y in the second half of the year in Europe and later in the US.

If you like to get more details on our latest articles check out our Blog for more detailed Guides about the Tesla Model Y. We are looking forward to having you there.

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