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Tesla Model Y - How to activate Dog Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Credit Tesla: Model Y

The cabin overheat protection is one of the most liked features in Tesla vehicles. With your Tesla Model Y, you can use the Tesla dog mode with all its advantages. In this guide, we will look into all the details on how to use the Tesla Dog Mode and why it is so important that the cabin temperature stays low during the summertime when you are not in your car.

Tesla Model Y Dog Mode

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Dog Mode in the Tesla Model Y is a feature that allows pet owners to safely leave their pets in the car while they are away. This feature maintains a comfortable temperature inside the car for the pet and also displays a message on the car's screen to let passersby know that the pet is safe and comfortable.

To activate Dog Mode in Tesla Model Y, follow these simple steps:

  1. Park the car and turn it off.

  2. Touch the fan icon on the bottom of the screen and select the "Dog" icon.

  3. Set the temperature you want for your pet. The temperature range is between 20°C and 30°C.

  4. Once you have set the temperature, touch "Activate" to turn on Dog Mode.

When Dog Mode is activated, the car's climate control system will maintain the temperature you set for your pet. The screen will display a message that reads "My owner will be back soon. Don't worry, the A/C is on and it's [temperature you set] inside."

It's important to note that Dog Mode only works when the car is parked and turned off. Once you start driving, the climate control system will turn off. Also, you should never leave your pet unattended in a hot car for extended periods, even with Dog Mode on.

Overall, the Dog Mode in the Tesla Model Y is a useful feature for pet owners who need to leave their pets in the car for a short period. Following the steps outlined above, you can keep your pet safe and comfortable while running errands. The Dog Mode maintains a comfortable cabin temperature which is especially important as many summers get very hot.

When you leave Dog Mode on the climate system will ensure a steady flow of fresh air, nevertheless, we strongly suggest staying nearby. You should not leave your Dog alone for long periods. If you are worried about what is happening in your car you can still use the interior cabin camera over your Tesla App.

Activating Dog Mode a detailed walkthrough

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Tesla Model Y owners can activate Dog Mode to keep their pets safe and comfortable while they are away from the car. Here are the steps to activate Dog Mode on a Tesla Model Y:

Accessing the Climate Controls

To access the climate controls, the driver must tap on the "Climate" button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the climate control settings.

Enabling Dog Mode

Once the climate control settings are open, the driver must tap on the "Dog" button located just below the temperature controls. This will bring up the Dog Mode settings.

In the Dog Mode settings, the driver can set the temperature and enable a message that will be displayed on the touchscreen to let passersby know that the pet is safe and comfortable inside the car. The driver can also choose to enable the Sentry Mode, which will record any incidents that occur while the car is parked.

Always keep in mind what the outside temperature is. If you leave your Dog inside the car when it's cold weather you should have a selected temperature that makes the Dog feel comfortable. During spring and autumn, the set temperature can most of the time, depending on your location stay at the current cabin temperature. You just have to adjust everything based on hot or cold weather.

Confirming Activation

After you have set the temperature and enabled Dog Mode, they must tap on the "Activate" button to confirm that they want to turn on Dog Mode. Once Dog Mode is activated, the climate control system will maintain the temperature that the driver has set, and the message on the touchscreen will be displayed.

It is important to note that Dog Mode will only work when the Tesla Model Y is parked and the climate control system is turned on. The driver should also make sure that the car has enough battery power to maintain the climate control system while they are away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Tesla: Model Y In blue

How do I activate Dog Mode on my Tesla Model Y?

To activate Dog Mode on your Tesla Model Y, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click the fan icon to access the climate control menu.

  2. Toggle the "Dog" setting in the menu to on.

  3. Adjust the temperature to the desired setting.

  4. Exit the vehicle and lock it as usual.

You can also use the Voice Command to activate the Dog Mode. Keep in mind, that all the detailed climate settings are easier to set up manually.

What steps should I take if Dog Mode isn't working in my Tesla?

If Dog Mode isn't working in your Tesla, try the following steps:

  1. Check that your Tesla is running the latest software version.

  2. Restart your Tesla and try again.

  3. Contact Tesla support for further assistance.

How does Dog Mode differ from Camp Mode in terms of climate control?

Dog Mode and Camp Mode are similar in that they both enable climate control while the vehicle is parked. However, Dog Mode is specifically designed to keep pets safe and comfortable, while Camp Mode is intended for human passengers.


Credit Tesla:ModelY

Tesla's Dog Mode is perfect on a long trip when you have to take a break or you have to quickly get something and you don't want to take the dog with you. Always keep the charge level in mind and check for that in the Tesla App.

Even though it's just for short periods you might leave your dog inside your Model Y once the Dog Mode is active it uses energy and that is something you need to have in mind. One way to stay 100% sure that everything is good on cold days as well as hot days, is the use of notifications, once the battery drops below a certain level you can receive notifications if you want to.

If you like to get more tips and tricks around your Tesla Model Y we do have some more suggestions for you:

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