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How to Open the Glove Box in the Tesla Model Y

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

The Tesla Model Y comes with many different features and the Glove Box is one of them, nevertheless, the way to open the Glove Box is way different to other cars. This is why we will discuss opening the Glove Box in your Tesla Model Y. Following options will be looked at in more detail.

  • Tesla Model Y Screen

  • Manually

  • Tesla Model Y Voice Command

Depending on the situation you are in and if you are the driver or not you can choose from those three options to open the Glove Box in your Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Screen - Glove Box

Credit Tesla: Model Y Interior

Using the Tesla touchscreen is pretty easy once you get used to all the options and where to look for each feature. With the Glove Box, you have two steps you need to go, to reach the Glove Box option.

  • Use the main screen and tap on the car icon. Once done you reach the controls menu

  • In the open Menu, you will have to look for an icon that like like the Glove Box once you tap on this icon you can open the Glove Box.

Tesla Model Y Glove Box Pin forgotten

If you have forgotten any reason your PIN for the Glove Box you can reset the PIN by using the Tesla Login Credentials. After that, you follow the on-screen prompts. A PIN is very important when using the Valet Mode to keep all your belongings safe.

Tesla Model Y Voice Command to open Glove Box

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performan in Midnight Cherry Red

The easiest way to open your Glove Box is to use the voice command button on your steering wheel. We will show you how this works. Please note that there are differences between the Tesla Model 3/Y and the Model S/X.

  • For Model S/Y Owners use the Voice button on the upper right side of the steering wheel and once don't speak your command open the Glove Box.

  • For Tesla Model 3/Y Owners use the touchscreen and the microphone button. Another way you can initiate a voice command is by using the right scroll button on your steering wheel. Once you hear the tone you just speak your command.

Tesla Model Y Manually open Glove Box

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

If you have any issues to open your Glove Box then you can also try it manually. To be able to do this you have to follow three different steps to achieve this. We do recommend nevertheless to try the Voice Command or the touchscreen first.

  • Unlock and open the passenger side door

  • Remove the side panel at the end of the dashboard (passenger side)

  • Remove the latch manually using a normal screwdriver

Once you have done that you can open the Glove Box. Please be aware that this option is the most complicated one and we advise you to use the other options discussed above.


The voice command and the touchscreen are the easiest ways to help you to open your Glove box in your Tesla Model Y but as well as in the Model 3 and Model S/X. We hope you enjoyed our guide. For more Guides related to the Tesla Model Y we do have a few suggestions for you, so that you get more help if needed:

If you want to share your experience with your Tesla or any other EV out there don't hesitate to post your Review on E-Car-Review. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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