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Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity for all Versions

Credit Tesla : Model Y Quicksilver

The Tesla Model Y is the perfect family car and gives you the opportunity to go on vacation with lots of storage room. One important aspect for many people is the towing capacity; in many countries, camping is something families do over the summertime.

With the demand for trailer towing, the Tesla Model Y is the perfect electric vehicle for you and your family. So how much towing capacity does the Tesla Model Y have?

Tesla Model Y Towing Weight Unbraked

  • Tesla Model Y Standard Range - 750kg (1653,47lbs)

  • Tesla Model Y Long Range - 750kg (1653,47lbs)

  • Tesla Model Y Performance - 750kg (1653,47lbs)

Tesla Model Y Towing Weight Braked

  • Tesla Model Y Standard Range - 1600kg (3527,39lbs)

  • Tesla Model Y Long Range - 1600kg (3527,39lbs)

  • Tesla Model Y Performance - 1600kg (3527,39lbs)

Tesla Model Y Vertical Load Max

  • Tesla Model Y Standard Range - 72kg (158,73lbs)

  • Tesla Model Y Long Range - 72kg (158,73lbs)

  • Tesla Model Y Performance - 72kg (158,73lbs)

It comes without a surprise, that all versions of the Tesla Model Y have the same towing capacity as the car has the same foundation and only comes with a different battery and further small differences.

Tesla Model Y Trailer Mode

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

The Tesla Model Y comes with a software feature called "Trailer Mode" which provides safety features that make the driving experience much better. Especially using the Tesla Autopilot the weight of the trailer is taken into account. This helps with a better stability and control when towing a trailer. Furthermore, the Trailer Mode adjusts the vehicle's suspension to provide a smoother ride and reduce the risk of sway.

Keep in mind, that the Trailer Mode has to be always active when towing a trailer. The Mode automatically engages when the electrical connection is connected to the Model Y. Once you disconnect the Trailer you have to manually turn the Trailer Mode off.

Tesla Model Y Range with trailer

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance in blue

One of the main factors for traveling is the range, based on which you can plan your trip and look for Superchargers. When pulling an entire trailer this can be very challenging depending on the location, as you have to disconnect the trailer as you have to avoid blocking other parking spots at the Supercharger.

Based on the the build concept of the Tesla Superchargers worldwide we don't see any changes coming soon, that make charging with a trailer easier. So keep in mind, that this will be a bit more time-consuming than the usual charging time.

When it comes to the real range with a trailer or bicycles in the back, it is difficult to put a final percentage in the room. There are many factors that influence the difference at the end of the day. We do know, that in the winter time when it's really cold, the car usually has 20-22% less range. In the summertime with air conditioning, it can also be around 12-15%.

With a trailer or bicycles, the loss in range can be at around 25-30% depending on the speed and the wind as well as the terrain.

Which Model Y is best for towing

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance

We do strongly suggest to buy the Tesla Model Y Long Range. With the biggest battery, it really helps when you go on vacation. Due to the high price difference in some markets, you only have to look at how often you really need this long range.

Especially in European markets, the difference is sometimes close to 10.000€ which makes the Model Y Standard Range even more attractive. Despite the shorter range you are able to use this version with the same towing capacity as the Long Range, you only have to keep in mind, that the distances you can travel are shorter due to the smaller battery.


We hope, that the following Guide helped you to understand everything related to te towing capacity. If you are looking for more questions and issues with your Tesla Model Y or any other EV, don't hesitate to browse through our blog posts down below:

If you want to share your experience about your Tesla Model Y come to E-Car-Review and leave your feedback here, to help other EV owners to make an easier decision.

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