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Tesla Model Y Valet Mode - A Step-by-Step-Guide

Credit Tesla: Model Y Performance in black

The Tesla Model Y has many different features that make it unique and awesome to own. Today we will look into the Valet Mode, which limits vehicle performance and gives you security and privacy when parked by a valet.

With the Valet Mode you as an owner can leave the car with another person without feeling bad. Especially when you are on vacation and the car will be used by a valet attendant you do not want to have any time wasted on the security of your Tesla Model Y.

The Valet Mode offers a restricted driving experience and can be activated very quickly when needed. The maximum speed is restricted to 70 mph (112 km/h) and the acceleration is just 50% of the full potential. Furthermore, a Valet Attendant won't be able to use your autopilot or FSD Beta.

Not only is the car reduced in its features the Valet Mode also locks the glove box and the frunk, so no personal belongings can be reached by a Valet Attendant. Activating the Valet Mode is an easy straightforward process. You just have to follow a few simple steps which we will discuss now.

Tesla Model Y Valet Mode Overview

Credit Tesla: Model Y

Tesla Model Y Valet Mode Activation

Starting with the Model Y in the parking position you simply need to touch the driver profile icon and then touch the Valet Mode option. You will be asked to create a unique 4-digit PIN to enable and cancel this mode, ensuring that everything meets the highest standards of security.

How to turn off Valet Mode on a Tesla Model Y

To turn off Valet Mode in your Tesla Model Y, follow these steps:

  1. Tap your profile name on the display screen.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select "Valet Mode."

  3. Enter the previously set four-digit PIN.

  4. Tap "Disable" to deactivate Valet Mode.

Please keep in mind, that the code has to stay private. If you share the PIN all security measures implemented won't help.

Tesla Model Y Valet Model Features and Limitations

Credit Tesla: Model Y Quicksilver from Giga Berlin

The Valet Mode comes with many features and limitations that allow your car to stay safe and return without any damage. The following list is an example of features that are part of the Valet Mode and the limitations that come with them.

  • Speed Limitation: Valet Mode automatically limits the Model Y's top speed to 70 mph (113 km/h).

  • Bluetooth: New devices cannot be paired, and existing devices can only access basic telephone functions.

  • WiFi: New networks cannot be added or existing networks deleted, but auto-connection to known networks within range remains active.

  • Restricted Access: Access to certain features, such as the glove box, frunk (front trunk), and personal data stored within the vehicle is restricted.

  • Acceleration & Performance: Reduced acceleration and performance parameters to discourage aggressive driving.

  • Sentry Mode: In Valet Mode, Sentry Mode cannot be activated, ensuring the privacy of those using the vehicle temporarily.

With these features, the Tesla Model Y Valet Mode provides you as an owner peace of mind. You can enjoy your day without worrying about your Tesla Model Y.


We hope, that the following Guide helped you to understand the Valet Mode. If you are looking for more questions and issues with your Tesla Model Y or any other EV, don't hesitate to browse through our blog posts below:

If you want to share your experience about your Tesla Model Y come to E-Car-Review and leave your feedback here, to help other EV owners to make an easier decision.

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